Another FoN update! (Chapter 8 I believe?)

Hello again my little spinners! 🙂 I am officially off hiatus! I’m back in the swing of school and stuff, and I’m coming back with some fresh ideas for this story, so I’ll post every month (after this month) on the 15th unless otherwise specified. And now... Ninjaaaaa-GOOOOOOOO!!!!   Zane POV “Jay”           “Argh!” There was …

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FoN- Chapter 7

Chapter 7 The One That Got Away Lloyd POV “ ‘I’m going to be you?’ What does that mean? I’m not Lloyd.” I thought. “You’ve always been the Green Ninja, Lloyd.” I told him. “Kai always wanted to be you but he couldn’t. Speaking of him, where is he?” I asked, looking over his shoulder. …

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FoN- Chapter 6

Kai’s really just a big softie on the inside, right?


FoN- Chapter 5

Cole and Lloyd’s training session goes horribly wrong.


FoN- Ch. 4

Iced Out Lloyd POV     “Zane! What happened?” Nya yelled as she turned from Jay on the couch and ran to Zane, who was lying on the floor, his eyes closed and his chest wide open. I was shocked and surprised at what happened. He was very particular about how his systems functioned, so he …

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The Realm Above Chapter 1 (Sequel to ZTOHD/INSBIB)

Me and Father were exploring the Realm Above together. There were so many things to see and do! Father showed me how to do many things, such as how to fish, what amazing foods there were to eat, and all the fun games there were! My memories of my family in Ninjago were soon growing …

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Forces of Nature- Ch. 3

Sensei Wu POV          “Ah, excuse me! I am the Master of Fire! NOT you!” Kai was yelling at Jay when I opened the door. “You know that! How could you forget?! We’ve fought together for 3 years Jay! 3 YEARS!!!”          Jay burst out in laughter. “Yeah, right!” He replied, doubled over with his hands clutching …

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Forces of Nature- Chapter 2

The second chapter of my fanfic! 🙂 Also, this whole thing is on AO3 (explained on previous post) before it is on here. 🙂


Zane’s take on his death (AKA It Never Snows, But it Blizzards)

A oneshot of Zane and his death with all the details you missed. (Slightly different than original stiryline)


Oneshot- You Remembered!

My sixth sense started to pick up something... Had they forgotten?...ECHO!!!... “Ya better enjoy this ya tin can!”


Forces of Nature Chapter 1- Spirits of Nature

Wu looked into the Spirit Smoke... “What is going on spirits?!”... “...changing”.


Way of the Ninja

Hello! This is an excerpt of the full post. Click on the title to see the full welcome message! 🙂

Late update

So sorry this is so late guys! 😬 Anyway here it is! 🙂 Chapter 9 Leave them alone! Wu POV           When I left the ship, I knew exactly where I had to go. I had to find a special person… but where was she? I decided to summon my dragon to get there faster. As …

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